Invest In The $1.2 Trillion
Short-Term Rental Market Without The Headache Of Ownership

Using machine learning, advanced algorithms, and automated management, you can invest in short-term rentals without the
hassle of owning or maintaining properties!

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Everyone wants shareholder status — but few companies offer the chance. We decided to change that. We’ve opened our Reg A so you can become a shareholder in our entire portfolio.

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Passive Profits Driven By Real Assets

reAlpha connects investors with potential passive profits by combining industry leading tech and real assets. We’re paving the path to headache-free profits through real estate. Watch and see how we transform real assets to bring investors potential passive profits.

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Build Your Portfolio With The Vacation Economy

Grow your portfolio with the $1.2 Trillion short-term rental vacation economy by using modern tech and machine learning. Discover potential passive profits with properties from seaside bungalows, IG inspired tree houses, and dreamy downtown lofts. Get daily updates on what’s on offer with our App.

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Property Image from Realpha
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Billionaires Put Big Money In The Short-Term Rental Market | Here’s Why

reAlpha is seeking to spend as much as $1.5 billion, including debt, to buy short-term rentals at an unprecedented scale. Chief Executive Officer Giri Devanur said in an interview that the money would be enough to purchase roughly 5,000 homes.

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We believe short-term rental investing doesn’t have to be hard. That’s why we built our broker-dealer managed marketplace app to make it easy. Now you can browse our newest properties when they go live, discover how to replace sweat equity with modern tech, and unleash the potential to own, and earn, more.

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Investor Testimonials Are In!
Issac Linson

Issac Linson

CEO-Tapuya Brands

reAlpha is a great way to diversify my real estate investments. They have been a tremendous help to me!

Anoop Bedapudi

Anoop Bedapudi

Multinational Executive

reAlpha took the complexity out of real estate investing and even made it fun!

Aaron D’Souza

Aaron D’Souza

Private Equity Professional

reAlpha made real estate investing simple and easy. I highly recommend it to anyone looking at real estate investing.