Buy your dream home commission-free.

reAlpha is the world’s first commission-free homebuying platform. Find your dream home with the help of our AI real estate agent.

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reAlpha Realty, LLC

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reAlpha helps you find your dream home

Your dream home is reAlpha’s priority

Tell Claire, reAlpha’s AI real estate agent, what you want in a home like you would to a friend.

Then, using AI, Claire will understand your preferences and match you with the best available home.

Finding your home has never been this simple.

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With the best experience

reAlpha guides you throughout the home-buying process

  • Unique AI-driven home-buying journey;
  • Talk with Claire any time to clear your doubts;
  • Search and explore homes with AI to find your best match.
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AI Driven User Experience

Helps you to secure the best home deal

reAlpha - your AI driven, Commission-free, Real Estate Solution

But there's more.

24/7 Availability

reAlpha’s AI real estate agent, Claire, helps buyers all day. It’s available around the clock, unlike human agents, who have limited hours.


Because reAlpha processes lots of data fast, it can analyze market trends, find properties, and give personalized recommendations for you. It does this much faster than a human agent.

Find the best deal

reAlpha is an all-in-one platform for your entire home-buying experience. reAlpha’s AI, Claire, helps you with mortgaging options, negotiation, and ways to lower closing costs.

Meet reAlpha: Bringing the home buying process to the digital era

Discover your dream home stress-free and commission-free with reAlpha!
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Complex process with multiple touchpoints

One unified platform

Hefty commissions(~$10k commission on average)


Manual, lengthy home search process

AI Driven Search Experience

Buy your dream home using reAlpha today.

Join us in making history. Experience the revolution. Experience reAlpha.

Powered by

reAlpha Realty, LLC

Licensed Real Estate Brokerage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is reAlpha?
reAlpha is a homebuying platform powered by advanced generative AI. reAlpha is designed to function as a helpful and informed companion along the home buying journey by synthesizing a potential buyer’s desired needs and preferences to seamlessly match them with the most suitable homes available on the market. reAlpha does this by accessing over 400 different property and location related attributes. reAlpha can also answer questions and assist home buyers with booking property tours, submitting offers and negotiations. By offering a seamless end-to-end home buying experience, reAlpha seeks to make the home buying process more efficient and enjoyable. reAlpha operates a fully licensed and insured real estate brokerage, reAlpha Realty, LLC (“reAlpha Realty”), enabling it to support home buyers with experienced realtors who complement its game-changing AI technology.
In what markets is reAlpha available?
reAlpha is currently available to assist home buyers in South Florida, specifically Palm Beach, Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. reAlpha intends to be available in other markets over time.
Is reAlpha a licensed real estate broker?
reAlpha is complemented by reAlpha Realty, a fully licensed and insured real estate brokerage in Florida. reAlpha Realty is based in Miramar and employs a team of experienced local realtors. These professionals are on standby to assist home buyers who choose to use reAlpha for their home buying experience. Importantly, there are no fees and no obligations to use reAlpha or reAlpha Realty. If a buyer’s commission is paid by the selling agent, reAlpha Realty will pass up to the full commission on to its client via a rebate, helping to offset a portion of the expense of buying a home.
How is reAlpha Realty different than other brokerages?
reAlpha Realty is powered by reAlpha, a home-buying platform powered by advanced generative AI, and supported by a team of experienced local realtors. reAlpha Realty seamlessly combines the best of technology with the benefits of human authenticity to deliver a truly unique and efficient home buying experience. While other real estate brokerages are leveraging AI to help consumers search for homes and answer frequently asked questions, reAlpha Realty is currently the only real estate brokerage that offers an AI-powered end-to-end home buying solution and zero commissions or fees.
What are the advantages of reAlpha?

No Fees or Obligations – reAlpha is commission-free and home buyers have no obligation to use reAlpha Realty as their buying agent. reAlpha was purpose-built to make the home buying process more efficient and enjoyable.

Data-Driven Insights – reAlpha leverages data analytics, machine learning and generative AI to provide valuable insights into market trends, property values, and investment opportunities, empowering clients to make informed decisions.

24/7 Availability – reAlpha provides assistance and information to buyers any time of the day, offering round-the-clock availability compared to human agents who have limited working hours.

Speed – reAlpha processes vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently, allowing it to analyze market trends, identify potential properties, and provide personalized recommendations in a fraction of the time it might take a human agent.

How do I make an offer to buy a home using reAlpha?
Employing reAlpha’s sophisticated generative AI, purchasers are directed through an intuitive questionnaire designed to elucidate the essential parameters necessary for formulating an offer contract. reAlpha then utilizes this data to produce the contract, subject to final scrutiny and endorsement. Upon signing and approval, reAlpha diligently proceeds to submit the offer, mirroring the actions of a conventional human agent.
Can I sell my home using reAlpha?
No. In this first phase, reAlpha was designed with the home buyer in mind and currently exists to serve their home buying journey from start to finish.
Is my data secure with reAlpha?
Communication and data stored on reAlpha are encrypted to protect against unauthorized interception or access. reAlpha application is hosted inside a secure and logically isolated private cloud in AWS ensuring robust protection against unauthorized network access. The questions home buyers ask and the data they provide are used to further train reAlpha, enhancing its capabilities in the process. reAlpha has strict policies in place to ensure that users’ personal information is kept confidential and secure.
How does reAlpha make money?
Right now, reAlpha is focused on helping to improve and reinvent the home buying experience through the use of advanced generative AI. In the future, reAlpha Realty’s parent company, reAlpha Tech Corp, may acquire or enter into joint ventures with service providers such as title, mortgage and insurance and be compensated if a home buyer chooses to use one of reAlpha’s affiliated businesses. Home buyers will never be obligated to use one of reAlpha’s preferred vendors.