Invest In The $1.2 Trillion
Short-Term Rental Market Without The Headache Of Ownership

Using machine learning, advanced algorithms, and automated management, you can invest in short-term rentals without the
hassle of owning or maintaining properties!

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Everyone wants shareholder status — but few companies offer the chance. We decided to change that. We’ve opened our Reg A so you can become a shareholder in our entire portfolio.

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Billionaires Put Big Money In The Short-Term Rental Market | Here’s Why

"Devanur, said he wants to open up access to real estate investing by letting regular people buy fractional ownership of short-term rentals on his company’s app. ReAlpha plans to use artificial intelligence software to evaluate home listings and make fast decisions on how much it’s willing to pay."

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We are building a platform where anyone will be able to buy shares in reAlpha’s Airbnb properties. We leverage proprietary algorithms to choose the most Airbnb-viable properties to add to our portfolio.

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