reAlpha Lets Members Capitalize on Home Equity Appreciation


reAlpha Lets Members Capitalize on Home Equity Appreciation

reAlpha is developing a new, easy, and fast way for aspiring investors to benefit from an incredible market opportunity — home equity appreciation. There’s no time like the present to own shares in reAlpha. Join us today.

The Rise Of Home Equity

With the rapid expansion of the short-term real estate market, reAlpha is capitalizing on various incredible market advantages, one of which is the trend in home equity appreciation. More and more people are purchasing homes, only to resell them at a higher value just months later. 

The team at reAlpha has projected 20% or higher equity appreciation on properties purchased and resold through their proprietary digital marketplace. Let’s take a deeper dive into how the startup is capitalizing on this opportunity. 

The reAlpha Model

In short, reAlpha’s model allows its members to purchase viable investment properties with other syndicate members for low-cost, fractional ownership, collect dividends from rental bookings, and receive a portion of the profit from resale. In other words, it allows them to capitalize on home equity appreciation.

reAlpha Score

The company’s proprietary suite of AI-powered solutions includes reAlpha Score, which consists of an algorithm that identities the most viable investment properties. Not to mention, the algorithms are designed to be extremely precise. 

reAlpha Score closely analyzes a property based on 24 different criteria, including proximity to the airport, crime rates, renovation potential, schools and restaurants in the area, and others. The AI also takes a close look at structural issues such as environmental hazards, plumbing and HVAC, and more.

After each factor has been assigned a numerical score, the reAlpha team approves the property if it’s a good fit. Then, they list it on their digital marketplace. This gives members exclusive access to properties most likely to profit from both short-term rental and increased property value. 

The reAlpha process is designed for long-term investment success. Once the first property is sold, syndicate members can take their share of the profit and reinvest it into additional properties. This way, they can continue to expand their portfolio and ultimately scale their wealth. 

The Refinancing Process

Here’s an example of what the process looks like:

  1. Syndicate members and reAlpha collectively purchase an investment property through the digital marketplace for $200K.
  2. reAlpha manages and executes all upgrades and renovations, bringing the After Repair Value (ARV) up to $265K.
  3. Syndicate members and reAlpha refinance 75% of the property at $265K ARV, returning $20K of the initial cost.
  4. Members take their share and roll it into additional properties, continuing the process.

Thanks to reAlpha’s tactical partnerships with large institutional lenders, members can refinance the properties with ease, which is typically a challenging and slow process. This enables reAlpha’s members to truly reap the benefits of ARV with minimal legwork. 

Invest In A New Approach To Real Estate

reAlpha provides its members with an easy, stress-free way to capitalize on investment properties through strategic upgrades, increased ARV, and home equity appreciation. 

Their innovative technology platform and business plan offer a one-of-a-kind way for aspiring investors to get involved in the quickly growing short-term real estate market. 
If you’re interested in owning shares in reAlpha, there’s no time like the present. Become a shareholder in reAlpha today.

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