reAlpha Webinar Recap: Episode 1


reAlpha Webinar Recap: Episode 1

Whether you missed our most recent webinar or you’d prefer to read instead of listen, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick recap of reAlpha Webinar #1, featuring CMO, Christie Currie and CEO, Giri Devanur.

Sit back with a cup of coffee, tea, (personally, we’re going with wine) and enjoy!

CEO Background

Before starting reAlpha, CEO Giri Devanur built 1,000+ people technology services companies between the Bay Area and Bangalore, India. Giri even took his last company to NASDAQ in under 4-years. He received his Master’s from Columbia University in New York City.

CMO Background

CMO Christie Currie graduated from Miami University and started her own med-tech business out of college. She then spent time as an innovation consultant for major corporations around the world while at London-based consultancy, L Marks.

How reAlpha Began

reAlpha was born when Giri got a call from a friend who wanted to buy an investment property but couldn’t afford the 25% down payment. Giri realized there was a need to democratize investment in lucrative real estate properties, and immediately began working on reAlpha.

Democratizing Investment

reAlpha allows people to invest in short term rental properties (think Airbnb) for as low as $2,500. We do this by syndicating out 49% of the equity in each property through our Robinhood-esque marketplace app*. reAlpha maintains the other 51% of ownership as a company. This method of fractional ownership allows multiple syndicate members to partially own each property, empowering them to invest in real assets without the need for property management.

Who, not How

We are a tech-first company, but we are also a people-first company. We take pride in our teams, based in the U.S., India, Nepal and Brazil. We know that the best solutions come from finding the right people first. Our culture is unmatched, and our employees are commonly referred to as “Alpha Humans,” because we do everything quickly without sacrificing quality.

Regulation A Q+A

During our last webinar, we were asked a LOT of questions about our current Regulation A raise…so we’ve compiled a Q+A here for easy reference!

  1. What is the minimum amount to invest in the Reg A+?

The minimum investment amount is $1,000.

  1. How long is the Regulation A raise open?

The SEC allows companies one year from Qualification. This would be 9/13/2022—however, we may choose to close the raise earlier.

  1. Will I be able to sell my shares?

In the near future the board of directors may decide to list either on a national exchange or an ATS (Alternative Trading System.) However, we cannot suggest an expected date for that.

  1. What happens if the raise minimum isn’t met?

If the limit is not reached, we will deploy the money in the fashion stated on the SEC filing. Our minimum amount to raise is $25M. If this is not reached, then we will return the money invested so far.

  1. Can you invest with a self directed IRA fund?

Yes! Please speak to your financial advisor or custodian for advice regarding how to do this.

  1. How did you come up with your valuation?

With this $75 Million raise and our partnership with a top 3 private equity fund we can acquire up to $750M in properties or AUM. Then, we will 49% equity in these properties up for grabs on our broker-dealer managed marketplace app, bringing in an additional $75M, which would take us to a total of $1.5B in properties (AUM.) The syndicate members will not dilute reg-a shareholders. Therefore, we are selling at a strong discount at a $400M pre-money valuation. 

  1. Can I invest from outside the U.S?

Yes! Investment from some countries outside of the U.S. may require alternative payment methods such as wire transfer.

  1. What’s the difference between investing at the Reg-A level and the syndicate/platform level?

Ownership in Reg A means you are becoming a shareholder at the company level, so you will own part of ALL properties that reAlpha Asset Management Inc. buys. A syndicate investor is only invested in one property. These are the investors that would invest through the app.

  1. Do Reg A investors receive quarterly dividends?

There are no planned dividends at this time for Reg A investors, our board may decide to issue them at an appropriate time/future date.

  1. What about the latest news of Zillow overbuying and renovating homes? How will you avoid these issues?

We have a four-step acquisition process that allows us to combine the best of the reAlphaBRAIN as well as human analysts to make sure that we only buy the highest performing properties. We also work with partners with 96% accurate data.

  1. Do you have any “proof of concept” properties that have demonstrated a 70% greater revenue than long term rentals?

Yes! Our initial pilot properties showed 70%+ higher revenue versus a long-term rental model.

  1. How can I monitor my investment?

Shareholders will get periodic updates from reAlpha. Syndication investors will be able to monitor their individual properties via our app when it releases.

  1. Will I be able to stay in reAlpha properties as a Reg A shareholder?

Yes! Please refer to the following:

Tier 1 Investment Amount $1,000-$2,499: A 100% discount on two days of stay in ReAlpha properties will be awarded.

Tier 2 Investment Amount $2,500-$4,999: A 100% discount on four days of stay in ReAlpha properties will be awarded.

Tier 3 Investment Amount $5,000-$9,999: A 100% discount on eight days of stay in ReAlpha properties will be awarded.

Tier 4 Investment Amount $10,000+: A 100% discount on sixteen days of stay in ReAlpha properties will be awarded.

*managed by a broker dealer

Our Next Webinar

Join Giri Devanur, CEO of reAlpha, and Christie Currie, CMO, on November 23rd at 10:30 am EST as they host a live investor webinar and Q&A!