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The intersection of modern technology and lasting assets is here.

What's the opportunity?
We are looking to create a crazy-talented project team to tackle some of the key strategic areas. If you are looking for an opportunity to get an inside look at what it takes to build a startup, then this is for you. Seriously, take it from me (Hi, Christie here). I work here, this is a very rare opportunity. For four weeks you will have a fast-paced role working directly alongside our leadership team on critical initiatives for growth. We are looking for 2 “interns” in each of the following areas: Technology, Marketing, Finance, Real Estate, and Legal. After 4-weeks we will review your progress. If you do well your contract will be extended for the rest of the summer or potentially be offered a full-time role. This isn’t a seat on the balcony, it's a spot on the stage, and if you do well, a chance to join our team permanently. So call it an internship, apprenticeship, bootcamp, summer camp...we don’t care. We just want to find the best and bring you here to help us be our best.
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Ideal Candidate - reAlpha
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Our Ideal Alpha Candidate
🤓 Has some background in whichever area they are applying for (Duh) 👊(Startup buzzword alert) someone with grit who doesn’t shy away from a challenge and has the courage to be a challenger 💡Creative, problem-solver mindset ‍♂️ Naturally Inquisitive, can understand things quickly 💡 Can work in a fast-paced work environment and under tight deadlines 😎 Independent worker who can handle ambiguity in tasks

reAlpha's mission is to empower everyone to invest in real. Real people. Real assets. Real moments.

At reAlpha, we build technology that brings the power of real estate investing to the 99%. We are merging the most historic asset with the technology and business model of the future: Vacation rentals. Our platform provides meaningful wealth generation opportunities for everyone: short-term passive income through Airbnb as well as equity driven capital appreciation. However, we also believe that real estate investing is deeper than just financial returns, it is the pride of ownership and the freedom of financial security. We are driven every day to create not only lucrative returns for our members but also to deliver exceptional experiences and positively impact the communities in which we live and operate. \n reAlpha is based in Columbus, Ohio, and harnesses the power of talented teams in 14 countries across the globe.

Not how… Who
  • Focus on finding the right people first. They’ll figure out how.
  • Utilizing the people that already know the how and learning from them
10x Faster
  • repetition and reiteration are the reAlpha way
  • The ability to create brilliant work on time
Fix Forward
  • You’re allowed to make mistakes when you learn forward
  • Accept your failures and learn from them, use them as motivation to be better
Work together, eat together
  • We struggle together through Wednesday afternoons
  • Accept your failures and learn from them, use them as motivation to be better
ReAlpha Logo
Titles don’t matter
  • Everybody works together to get it done
  • Throw your “job description” in the garbage
Don’t make assumptions
  • Assumptions lead to misunderstandings
  • Ask questions. There’s no dumb question
Keep it simple
  • More complicated does not equal more intelligent
  • Hypothetically, explain it to us like we’re 7.
It’s in the details
  • It’s the little things.. because size doesn’t matter
  • Putting in the extra hour to get it right (and to get the overtime
Open Jobs

The reAlpha Management Trainee Program has open positions in Marketing, Finance, Operations, and more. A 3-month program that may conclude with a full-time offer.

Work with media outlets to publish information. Curate and carry out a communication strategy that illustrates reAlpha’s values and mission.

Effectively communicate brand identity and personality through social media campaigns while building positive relationships with our audience.

Assist in execution of creative and clean interior design concepts for houses needing renovation.

Integrated online and offline customer relationship management, manage utility, ease-of-use and efficiency of systems to maintain quality conditions in all services.

Asses standard operating procedures, applicant approvals/tenant screening criteria, evaluate/uphold rehabilitation standards

Direct maintenance, repairs and redesign of properties, manage rehabilitation, vendors and contractors including sourcing, vetting, timeline, cost and quality control.

Handles due diligence for strategic acquisitions including project feasibility, market studies, valuation, risk management, and partnership structuring

Responsible for researching, acquiring and vetting qualifying properties. This person will manage all activities throughout the acquisition process.

Responsible for cultivating the positive culture of the company, ensuring cooperation and teamwork, and overseeing the personal and professional development of the organization’s personnel.