Democratizing Real Estate

How Do We Do It?

1. Reclaiming the edge
2. Fractional ownership
3. Ownership without the hassle
4. You can have it all
5. Stay @ your place
1. Reclaiming the edge
Choosing the right properties
Our AI generates properties that are the best investment opportunities on the market. Our technology is designed to help break down the barriers to entry kept in place throughout history, keeping you out of the market and giving the “big guys” access to the best investment properties. We give you the edge.
reAlpha Score
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2. There’s Power In Numbers
Fractional ownership
Our app allows you to buy interest in specific properties just like you would buy stock or shares in a company. In order to lower the initial investment cost, we pair you with up to 4 like-minded investors to form a.
3. Ownership without the hassle
reAlpha handles all management
How reAlpha works - Tower
“Once we had this guest who we will call, “The Sandman.” When he booked my property, it was clear how excited he was to be staying near the beach. However, during his stay he actually went so far as to bring the beach back to the property with him. The bathroom itself had transformed into a shoreline leading up to the tub. I spent 5 hours hauling buckets of sand and powerwashing it out of the tile grout. It was great for my physique, but now whenever my daughter wants to make a sandcastle I have to do at least 20 minutes of breathwork before.”
- Dan, Airbnb host
We’re guessing that doesn’t sound like anything you want to do….but if it does, please contact our HR department for a job.

Instead, become a reAlpha member. Sit back, relax and receive quarterly dividends from rental revenue. ReAlpha renovates, lists, markets and manages each property on short-term rental platforms, like Airbnb.
4. You can have it all
Short-term passive income and long term capital growth
Short-term rentals are changing the landscape of hospitality and travel on a global scale. As a result, a new wave of investment opportunities in real estate has emerged. reAlpha’s unique model allows you to benefit from the superior returns of short-term rental income as well as the increase in property value through strategic renovation and appreciating market conditions.
How it works - Step
Continuous flow of passive income Member’s receive quarterly dividends from rental revenue.
How it works - Step
Our properties are refinanced after a period of 12-16 months. This allows our syndicate members’ equity to be reinvested into additional properties.
How it works - Step
Our reAlphaBRAIN predicts the best time to sell properties to extract maximum value. This allows us to once again reInvest syndicate member gains into new properties.
Yes, with reAlpha your money is working for you. But we still think you deserve a vacation.
There’s a reason our tagline is Invest in something real. When you invest in properties with reAlpha, we want you to experience just how real your investment is. So, go take your boyfriend/wife/dog on vacation, they deserve it too.
The Airbnb Experience of the Future
Short-term rentals are no longer purely transactional and occupancy driven. We are reimagining the entire guest experience end-to-end. The reAlphaHouse is the ultimate on-demand rental property. We implement various technologies, including smart locks, voice-activated electronics, home automation systems and innovative furnishings, to create an unparalleled guest experience. Because when guests enjoy exceptional status, you enjoy maximized profits.
Why Short-term rentals
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Real estate will always have intrinsic value with little correlation to the ups and down of the stock market
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Real estate is tangible, real and can create wealth over time. Short-term rentals can provide higher yield than long-term rental investments
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Safer asset class in comparison to others
Step Off The Roller Coaster
Meme stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities all have one thing in common: extreme volatility. Look at those unbelievable GME returns! It skyrocketed in value! Until it didn’t. Other traditional slow growth options such as REITs or the S&P 500 don’t exactly have the kind of performance that gets us excited. We prefer investing in assets with tangible value over betting the farm on red. Real estate is an asset with historically low volatility because there will always be a need for housing. Now couple that with short-term rentals seeing 70% higher returns, and you’re in business.
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