Long Flights: How to Stay Entertained

Let's face it: long flights are the worst.

While traveling is exciting, long plane rides are arguably the least thrilling part of the journey—making it necessary to think outside the box when it comes to staying entertained while en route to your destination.

While there are regulations concerning what you can and cannot bring on planes, there are plenty of airline-approved options for keeping busy that won't take up all of the space in your carryon. Here at reAlpha, we have tons of experience on long flights, and are ready to share our best tips for staying entertained while flying and during layovers.

First, bring a good book (or two) to read. (Thankfully, we live in the age of technology—so eReaders are also a great option for keeping occupied without filling up your carryon with bulky books. eReaders are also ideal for reading when it may be dark on the plane, especially when flying overnight.) Author Stephen King wrote, "Books are uniquely portable magic,"—and we have to agree, making them our #1 pick for staying busy on a long flight.

If you're not a big reader, you can also download a long playlist on your favorite music app and listen to that over the course of the flight (and during layovers). This is a great option for kids, too. Many airlines supply earbuds for long flights, but they can also be picked up from a local convenience store for just a few dollars ahead of your journey.

In addition, podcasts can be downloaded ahead of your flight and can be more thought-provoking than music. There are THOUSANDS of options out there, on virtually every topic you could imagine, from true crime, to travel, to investing.

Traveling is a great time to keep a journal, as well—and what better time to write about your expectations, fears, and excitement for your trip than on the plane? This is not only a great way to keep entertained, but gives you a souvenir to look back on when you return home. Don't forget to bring a pen!

If you're traveling with a companion, cards are a great option, too. They can easily fit in the pocket of your carryon, and can keep you entertained for hours. (If you're traveling alone, allow us to introduce you to Solitaire. It probably won't have you leaping out of your seat in excitement, but it will help pass the time!)

This list is not exhaustive—there are thousands of ways to get creative and keep yourself busy on long flights.

What supplies do you plan on bringing on your next journey? Where are you headed? Leave us a comment down below!