The Issue with Buying Rental Properties

Over the past several years, rental properties have taken the real estate market by storm. Instead of booking hotels, people are now gravitating towards renting rooms, apartments, and even entire houses for days, weeks, or months at a time—mainly through online services such as Airbnb. It’s no surprise, then, that many entrepreneurs have turned to buying rental properties, which they can rent out, in order to make passive income.

They are faced with an enormous challenge, however, when they realize that owning and managing a rental property is not quite as passive as they assumed.

When Passive Turns Demanding

At first glance, rental properties seem like a completely hands-off way to earn money. Buy a property, post it online, rent it out, and collect the cash.

Simple, right?

Not so much.

The inherent problem with buying rental properties is that, in doing so, you also assume the role of property manager—which means you deal with an extensive list of tasks and issues that may arise while someone else is staying at your property.

First, you are responsible for all maintenance, utility issues, and repairs that your property may require. Leaks don’t wait to happen until you have free time—and water damage is unrelenting. These issues must be addressed immediately, forcing you into a position of being “on-call” at all times, should an issue arise.

Next, you have the tenants themselves. While some are great, some will undoubtedly be difficult in unpredictable ways—from demanding refunds to hosting over-the-top parties in YOUR rental home. When you think of passive income, you don’t think of collecting red solo cups from a yard at 6 a.m….but this could be your reality.Lastly, your property won’t market itself. While properties such as Airbnbs are in high demand, there will always be work on your end to keep up with reviews, post updated photos, and manage booking requests to ensure you are actually making—and not losing—money on your rental property.

An Alternative to Buying Rental Properties

Giri Devanur, a serial entrepreneur, had this and more in mind when he launched reAlpha, a company dedicated to helping people invest in real. Through reAlpha, normal people will be able to become Alpha Humans, investing in and partially owning Airbnb properties without having to take on the role of plumber, electrician, or housekeeper. 

reAlpha has been called “the Robinhood of Airbnbs”—and with its brilliant AI that guides app users through the process of choosing properties to invest in, it allows them to partially own and make truly passive income from a variety of Airbnb properties all over the world.

Gone are the days of investing in intangible assets such as stocks. Now, excited and innovative investors can invest in real lucrative real estate, and reap all the benefits of doing so.

It’s not only allowed, but encouraged, to visit and stay at the Airbnbs you invest in—after all, they’re yours! And, when you’re not there, you’re constantly making money from those who are.

The best part? You never have to upload a listing, sweep a floor, or answer a renter’s call at 3 a.m.

Join the waitlist now for the chance to not only build a real estate portfolio from your phone, but win a dream vacation on us here at reAlpha. 

We’ll see you there.