Wealth Creation for Everyone.

No Exceptions.

reImagine Fund

reAlpha is dedicated to bring our mission of simplified wealth creation to everyone. When we say everyone, we mean everyone. That’s why reAlpha is rolling out a flagship partnership that will give ownership and employment to our communities.

We are setting aside 2% of our funding raise to dedicated to the reImagine Fund

We identify individuals to be reImagine fund recipients

reAlpha matches recipients dollar for dollar in their reAlpha property investments

We believe in intention and community to elevate each other.

That’s why the reImagine fund doesn’t end with matching investments

Employment opportunities for reImagine recipients

Education and training materials for the public

Community involvement through programs and murals

Ways to reImagine with us

Everyone has their own talents to offer. That’s why reAlpha offers multiple ways to help us reImagine accessible investing.

Get involved as a mentor for a reImagine recipient

As a reAlpha syndicate member, you can request that a certain percentage of your profits be put into the reImagine Fund.

Volunteer for one of our community engagement events