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I invested because I’ve rented through Airbnb before, so why not invest in some?

Etienne's reAlpha review

California, USA

I've been investing in real estate crowdfunding for years and reAlpha provides additional diversification with an extra on market innovation. Short-term rentals are going nowhere but up and I firmly believe in the democratization of real estate investments as well as the professionalization of Airbnb rentals.

Beatriz's reAlpha review

Texas, USA

I saw the opportunity and aligned with the vision. I’m excited to be at the ground level!

Cameron's reAlpha review

Nebraska, USA

I love the concept and idea of giving everyone an opportunity to build wealth and tap into certain properties we would never be able to.

Pichou's reAlpha review

Georgia, USA

I listened to a podcast with ReAlpha's CEO and I was very impressed with the prospects of the business. I am an early investor in Startengine so I am familiar with making Reg A investments. ReAlpha provides an opportunity to diversify into an alternative asset class, along with potential for inflation protection.

Eric's reAlpha review

Texas, USA

I believe in the concept of making money with VRBO or Airbnb. I have a rental home on a canal (intercostal) in Pt Pleasant, NJ and plan doing a monthly rental.

Peter's reAlpha review

New Jersey, USA

reAlpha is a game changer by democratizing the traditionally closed space of whole real estate investment reserved for higher net worth individuals. Plus, I love that you can sit back and relax without the worries of day to day real estate operations management on your mind - reAlpha takes care of that for you!

Evan's reAlpha review

Texas, USA

Real estate has always been the best choice for investment. But now, reAlpha is providing the future of real state investment with short-term rental, so I am just investing on my future.

Darwin's reAlpha review

Indiana, USA

I do not want to manage Real Estate, reAlpha is a great way to invest in Real Estate without having to manage it.

Jeff's reAlpha review

Oregon, USA

I believe that Airbnbs are a great source of income. reAlpha provides an opportunity to access that market at a fractional level while diversifying my investment portfolio.

Mike's reAlpha review

North Carolina, USA

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