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The real estate industry, traditionally slow to adopt new technologies, continues to rely on outdated practices.

Furthermore, due to its complex and fragmented nature, the industry faces further challenges, with thousands of technology solutions targeting different stages of a real estate asset's life cycle.

It has made integration and standardization difficult.

reAlpha addresses these issues with a dual strategy to consolidate the fragmented landscape. Our approach begins with relentless research and development (R&D) to create innovative in-house solutions. We compliment it with strategic acquisitions and partnerships with promising companies, enabling us to integrate diverse technologies and services.

We believe that this growth strategy—fostering in-house innovation while actively seeking strategic collaborations—will position reAlpha as a leader in providing AI-driven solutions for the real estate industry.

You can be a good fit if your business

Generates Strong Margins
Operates on a Simple, Understandable Business Model
Has a Distinct Competitive Advantage
Commits to Integrity and Ethics
Has a Great Team

Latest companies

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Create world-class AI products for startups.
Naamche leverages the expertise of top-tier AI engineers to build AI products for startups. They have helped startups evolve from zero to one, raise funding and scale their user base.
With this acquisition, we cement our position as AI leader in real estate, offering AI talent and solutions across our family of companies.


IT Solutions that scale businesses to new heights
USG has been innovating in Information Technology since 2002, offering a spectrum of services. With a talent pool of over 2500 IT professionals, they work with multiple Fortune 500 companies.
USG’s operations will complement our business model and accelerate our proposition to expand our technology offerings to customers by offering IT services, staffing and other services.
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