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reAlpha Named One Of The Hottest PropTech Startups of 2023

The housing market may be cooling, but these firms are taking off. Real-estate investors shared their top picks that have secured startup funding.

reAlpha Asset Management Inc. Secures $100 Million Capital Commitment for Post IPO Funding from GEM Global Yield LLC SCS

December 2022 Proceeds will be used to advance growth of reAlpha’s portfolio of short-term rental properties DUBLIN, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–reAlpha, an AI-powered real estate technology and investment company with a goal to empower everyone with the ability to invest in the $1.2 trillion

reAlpha Secures $200 Million Financing Facility fromChurchill Real Estate

November 2022 DUBLIN, Ohio, November 01, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–reAlpha (the “Company”), an AI-powered real estate technology and investment company with a goal to empower everyone with the ability to invest in the $1.2 trillion global short-term rental (“STR”) market, today announced it has secured a $200 million financing facility from Churchill Real Estate that will help fuel its acquisition growth. The financing facility was arranged by Jason Krane and Max Kra from Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group, a boutique real estate capital advisory firm based in New York City.

reAlpha Partners with RARE Treehouse Resorts to Bring First-of-Its-Kind Treehouse Resort Experience to the United States

DUBLIN, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–reAlpha, an AI-powered real estate technology and investment company with a goal to empower everyone to invest in the $1.2 trillion global short-term rental (“STR”) market, is pleased to announce their partnership with RARE Treehouse Resorts, a Vancouver-based company specializing in unique and eco-friendly suspended treehouses, to jointly develop a first-of-its-kind treehouse resort in the United States. reAlpha is in the process of identifying land in California to bring this innovative project to fruition, which will feature up to 10 “Free Spirit Spheres.”

We’re Expanding…Again!

October 2022 reAlpha is proud to announce our continued expansion with the opening of our office in Miramar, Florida, located between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, which follows the successful openings of international offices in India, Nepal, and Brazil.

Newly-formed reAlpha Realty, LLC is led by Jorge Aldecoa

reAlpha, an AI-powered real estate technology and investment company with a goal to empower everyone with the ability to invest in the $1.2 trillion global short-term rental (“STR”) market is pleased to announce the launch of its in-house brokerage, reAlpha Realty, LLC, a subsidiary of reAlpha Asset Management, Inc. (DBA reAlpha Homes). Operating out of a new office in Miramar, Florida, reAlpha Realty is led by Designated Broker Jorge Aldecoa, who serves as President of reAlpha Homes

reAlpha Appoints Jorge Aldecoa as President of reAlpha Homes

September 2022 Introducing the newest Alpha Human to the team, acquisition, disposition, and asset management expert, Jorge Aldecoa! Jorge has been in the residential and commercial real estate business for over 15 years and has worked at some of the biggest real estate companies in the industry managing multi-billion portfolios. Jorge managed a $1 billion portfolio as Regional VP of Invitation Homes Southeast Florida region, is a previous COO for Firm Capital American Realty Partners, and VP Operations for Transcendent Electra.

Entoro and reAlpha Partnership Announcement

reAlpha has partnered with Entoro Capital as the company’s broker dealer for its Regulation A Offering.

ICR & reAlpha Partnership Announcement

reAlpha has partnered with ICR to assist with the company’s Investor and Public Relations. ICR was founded in 1998 by a team of former Wall Street analysts and has since grown to be a firm that’s integrated vertically by sector and horizontally across every communications discipline. ICR has a dedicated team of real estate specialists that bring a perspective built on decades of practical experience advising real estate firms of all kinds.

Airbnb as an Asset Class: Flinging open the door to short-term rental investing

The short-term rental market has been one of the most fascinating—and quickly growing—sectors in recent real estate history. The way we rest and travel has changed. More people work remotely, so why not take those video calls from a beachside bungalow?


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Investing in reAlpha from India

If you currently live in India and are looking to invest in reAlpha, we have good news for you. We’ve put together this blog post detailing exactly how to invest in reAlpha from India—complete with all of the steps you need to take in order to transfer your funds successfully.

Regulation A: What Is It and Who Uses It?

Historically, investing in startups is hard. So hard, it can feel pretty much impossible. Equity crowdfunding has come a long way since the days of Kickstarter. Reg A is a great tool to increase access to investment in early-stage companies.

An Entrepreneur's Guide To IPOs, SPACs And Regulation A

What if you want something with more SEC oversight than a SPAC but smaller than an IPO? Is it possible to have a mini IPO?

Investing for Beginners: Terms to Know

Leverage, volatility, dividends, oh my! Investing terms don’t need to be complicated. Let us do the interpreting for you. Here’s a list of some common "investing for beginners" terms and their definitions for quick reference.


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Musk's vision of shared mobility took shape with the introduction of the "Robotaxi" concept.

The Future of Space Exploration: Pioneering the Final Frontier

Explore the boundless possibilities of space exploration as visionary companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin lead the way with innovative technologies and ambitious goals, paving the path to lunar missions, Mars colonization, and beyond.

The Future of Digital Hospitality: Airbnb and Beyond

Discover Airbnb's Unstoppable Rise: Unveiling the digital hospitality revolution reshaping global travel experiences, with a potential to surpass traditional hotels

Renewable Energy: The Profitable Industry of Tomorrow and the Rise of the Hydrogen Economy

Renewable energy's profitability surge: driving global growth, combatting climate change

Top SpaceTech Trends and Innovations Shaping the Industry in 2023

SpaceTech 2023: Innovations drive efficiency, growth & challenges. Small satellites, reusability, private investment reshape space exploration.

The Retail Industry in the Age of E-Commerce: Adapting to the Ever-Changing Landscape

E-commerce's rise challenges traditional retail, driving omni-channel evolution, new ecosystems, and data-driven adaptation.

The Profitable 5G Internet Boom: Empowering Startups and Digital Age Users

Profitable transformations: 5G revolutionizes healthcare, retail, and manufacturing with AR, remote work, and smart systems

Healthcare and Pharma: The Next Big Investment Opportunity

Explore healthcare's cutting-edge innovations and the lucrative potential of rising global health spending in this eye-opening post!

Top trends in 2023 Agriculture technology driving profitability

Discover the profitable trends shaping agriculture today: Precision farming, AI, robotics, IoT, and more. Embrace innovation for sustainable growth

Top Automotive Industry Trends in 2023 Driving Profitability and Technological Advancements

EVs, AVs & tech innovations propel automotive profitability in 2023. Green mobility, online sales, and connectivity drive growth & transformation.

10 Most Profitable Business Industries: Technology

The technology industry will be the first and direct beneficiary of this influx of capital. Multiple tech companies are at all-time highs in terms of valuation. New companies are forming at astronomical valuations, including startups like Stripe, which has already reached nearly $100 billion in market capitalization. This type of value creation will likely lead to more startups rushing to create newer technologies and valuations.

Starting a Successful Vacation Rental: Tips from the Experts

Starting a vacation rental business can be a great idea, as it can be a lucrative and rewarding venture. However, it also requires significant time, effort, and financial investment. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and consider factors such as location, competition, and local regulations before starting a vacation rental business.

How Technology Is Disrupting Home Real Estate

What happens when you merge the oldest asset with the latest tech? Read to find out. Plus, see where it might go in the future.

Short-term Rental Investments: Making the Most of Your Money

Author: Jorge Aldecoa, President, reAlpha Homes The short-term rental market is booming, and it shows no signs of slowing down. With the rise of platforms like Airbnb, more and more people are looking for ways to cash in on this growing trend.

How Critical are Airbnb Reviews for Short-Term Rental Success? reAlpha Explains.

Airbnb reviews are more than a few stars on a rental listing. In fact, they have the power to make or break a real estate investment. While the connection between an Airbnb review and the overall success of your property investment portfolio might not be clear, we assure you that they’re closely linked.

The Advantages of Multi-Unit Properties Versus Single Family Homes for Short Term Vacation Rentals

Author: Jorge Aldecoa, President, reAlpha Homes When it comes to vacation rental properties, there are a few different routes you could go. You could buy a single-family home, or you could buy a multi-unit property.

Blackstone is raising $50B to buy the dip, but what about everyday investors?

FOMO is powerful, we get it. The allure of trendy investment portfolios filled with celebrity-endorsed SPACs and crypto is exciting and has the potential to be rewarding. However, as evidenced by the past few months, these investments can also be very unstable — and when you wake up to see that your best positions have declined into the red, panic sets in…bear market? You may wish you had diversified more…and that you hadn’t put all your eggs in that electric vehicle company’s basket.

Are DAOs About to Change Real Estate Crowdfunding?

Recently, DAOs have been the hot topic, integral to the functioning of web3 and the metaverse. Will they soon be just as foundational to the future of real estate investing?

How Short-Term Rentals Changed the Hospitality Industry—for Good

Sometimes great successes happen by accident. Far less often—but far more intriguing—happy accidents in the business world actually change the way we live our lives.

Long Flights: How to Stay Entertained

While traveling is exciting, long plane rides are arguably the least thrilling part of the journey—making it necessary to think outside the box on ways to stay busy.

The Issue with Buying Rental Properties

Over the past several years, rental properties have taken the real estate market by storm. Instead of booking hotels, people are now gravitating towards renting rooms, apartments, and even entire houses for days, weeks, or months at a time.

"Who" Questions: Good Questions to Ask

Whether you're running a software company or a furniture company, we all tend to believe what or how dominates the decision-making process. But eventually, we always arrive at who made a choice or decision.