Newly-formed reAlpha Realty, LLC is led by Jorge Aldecoa

reAlpha, an AI-powered real estate technology and investment company with a goal to empower everyone with the ability to invest in the $1.2 trillion global short-term rental ("STR") market is pleased to announce the launch of its in-house brokerage, reAlpha Realty, LLC, a subsidiary of reAlpha Asset Management, Inc. (DBA reAlpha Homes). Operating out of a new office in Miramar, Florida, reAlpha Realty is led by Designated Broker Jorge Aldecoa, who serves as President of reAlpha Homes

The formation of reAlpha Realty serves to accelerate reAlpha’s growth by significantly expanding its acquisitions pipeline through partnership and referral programs with outside brokerages as well as home builders and developers. In addition to helping source STR investments, reAlpha Realty will represent and advise reAlpha on purchase and disposition decisions, driving greater efficiencies and cost savings.

"Launching our brokerage represents a pivotal step in our journey toward making ownership in STRs accessible to everyone," said Giri Devanur, CEO of reAlpha. "By owning more control over the entirety of the investment process, we are able to ramp up deal flow more efficiently and realize greater cost savings. As a top professional in the STR acquisitions space and an experienced broker, Jorge is uniquely positioned to lead this important initiative as we seek to build a national portfolio of STR homes."

reAlpha plans to materially increase its investment activity in 2023 with a focus on experiential and rent-ready vacation homes, and expects reAlpha Realty to play an important role in the process. Scaling its portfolio aligns with reAlpha’s long-term plan to democratize the STR economy by leveraging its proprietary technology to enable individual investors to purchase minority interests in its properties. In doing so, reAlpha is helping to eliminate the significant barriers to entry for individuals to participate in the potential upside of owning STR homes.

Commented Aldecoa, "reAlpha Realty will work toward establishing an even stronger acquisitions pipeline through a highly productive, mutually beneficial broker network. With enhanced sourcing and underwriting capabilities, we are able to bring additional expertise to each and every investment opportunity while simultaneously reducing costs. We’re excited to further build our portfolio of high-quality STR homes and we look forward to syndicating interests in these properties to everyday investors."

About reAlpha: reAlpha is building a digital real estate investing platform that enables its members to simplify wealth creation opportunities through investments in vacation homes while striving to deliver exceptional guest experiences. reAlpha sources and scores properties from the wholesale market using a proprietary AI-driven algorithm called reAlphaBRAIN. It then predicts the viability of each property for the short-term rental market, as well as the projected long-term value. reAlpha’s business plan contemplates eventually allowing investors to buy equity in specific properties, providing opportunities for short-term passive income generation via Airbnb, as well as equity-driven capital appreciation. reAlpha is based in Dublin, Ohio. For more information, please visit :

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